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Impact Univent Eagle 754 Ventilator

The Impact Univent Eagle 754 is completely self contained and requires no outside gas. Featuring an internal compressor and blender, it offers PEEP with controlled assist, SIMV, Intubated CPAP, and CMV (for apnea backup) ventilation modes. Bright graphic LCD provides monitoring and alarm settings. An interactive demo/teaching mode assures fast start up sequence in as little as three steps. EMI/RFI and Air Medical certified. Limited availability. Unlike anything you have ever seen before, the Eagle is an engineering marvel that adds to the Uni-Vent list of accomplishments. Imagine a self-contained ventilator-compressor-blender weighing just over 12-pounds, with graphics display, powerful monitors and alarms, an interactive demo/teaching mode, and fast startup sequence that allows you to begin operation in as few as 3-steps. EMI/RFI certification is standard (includes aeromedical).