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Physio Control LifePak 15

lifepak 15The latest defibrillator from Physio Control the LifePak 15 offers more features than its predecessors and it can be configured to any setting from a hospital crash cart to a complex cardiac monitor for an EMS setting. The LifePak 15 can have the following features:

· 3 Lead EKG Cable or 12 Lead EKG Cable
· Hands Free Quik-Combo Therapy Cable (Pacing Cable)
· Pulse Oximetry
· Masimo Rainbow Spo2/SpCo (pulse oxmetry and carboxyhemoglobin)
· Masimo SpMet (methemoglobin)
· Non-invasive Blood Pressure
· End Tidal CO2
· Printer

Other equipment needed and sold separately the LifePak15 Station Charger and the LifePak 15 AC power adapter.